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17 Mar 20
Copyright (c) 2012 Jay Charles50 Cent created some of the best rap music of this generation. He is also a acclaimed record producer. 50 Cent understands the importance of sound quality when you are listening to music.

So you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar? Do you have hopes and dreams of one day becoming a professional guitarist in a popular band? Perhaps you just want to play for the purpose of entertai

23 May 20

Electric guitars are extremely popular today, but what exactly are they, and how does one define them and their sound quality? There is actually a huge amount of variation in the design and constructi

26 May 20

Copyright (c) 2012 Rebecca FullerThe exciting world of music has just gotten even better. Developers with a knack for music education are pulling out all of the good stuff.

04 Jun 20

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16 Jul 20
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Are Beginners Dance Classes Really Suitable For Beginners?
A beginner's dance class can have a funny feel to it. There are the dancers who've been there for months and seem like pros. And then there are always the first-timers and you can feel their nervousness in the air.
04 Sep 20
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How To Get Noticed As An Amateur Singer
You know you have talent. You are constantly asked to sing at friends' weddings, in church, and even at local clubs. This attention lets you know that you are not just fooling yourself: you've really got the pipes.
27 Sep 20
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How to Maximise your Guitar's Performance
Guitar is a kind musical instrument that needs care like a child. The performance and the longevity of a guitar depend on its maintenance. Specially, in case of the older ones, the care has to be more. It all starts from cleaning and tuning the guitar regularly.
04 Oct 20
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How To Play Piano By Ear
Learning how to play a piano by ear is not something that can be done by everyone. However, it is a skill that can be learned and taught through practice and perseverance.
16 Oct 20
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How To Save Music Programs In Public Schools
Elective programs like art, music, and physical education made all the difference for me and my friends when I was growing up.
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05 May 20
Rhythm and blues is a uniquely American form of musical style. Now it is usually known simply as "the blues." Its history dates back to the Civil War and its unique sound helped bring about rock and roll in the second half of the 20th century.
02 Jul 20
Being born blind never proved to go against the music in Arthur Tatum Jr's heart. One of the most technically sound pianists, his technique and compositions manage to boggle musicians even in this advanced day and age.
06 Aug 20
As with anything in life, you will become a better musician the more you practice and even though you can't expect to be an overnight sensation in most cases, you can dramatically increase your performance by the way you practice.Most people don't think about warming up before practicing their music but just like an athlete it will help you to perform better and learn faster.
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24 Jun 20
When satellite radio first came out, a lot of people tried it out in their vehicles. If you drive a lot, satellite radio can be great. Instead of having to rely on standard FM or AM only, you can tune in, listen to whatever type of music you love, hear talk shows, catch up with news, and even listen to sports.
28 Jul 20
Augmented chords are to a piece of music like pepper is to a meal; you would never sit down to a meal of pepper alone, but you might sprinkle a little on your food to liven up the taste a bit. Augmented triads (triads are 3-note chords) are one of the 4 basic chord types, yet they are used very little compared to major and minor chords.
21 Aug 20
Learning to play guitar is a major decision, and getting a good starter guitar involves more decisions still. If you're shy about committing to a purchase of a brand new instrument, here are a few ways you can obtain a guitar: If you have a friend or a relative who plays, ask them if they have an extra guitar to loan or sell to you.
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