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June 4, 2020
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App Games That Teach Music

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Copyright (c) 2012 Rebecca Fuller

The exciting world of music has just gotten even better. Developers with a knack for music education are pulling out all of the good stuff. All you need is an app-playing device and you can partake in this fun phenomenon.

There are games that can teach you how to have perfect pitch. There are games that can enhance your ability to play on beat. And, there are games for many music skills in between.

Whether you are an adult or a budding young teen, you can find an app that may just take your music creativity to the next level. Music composition is even gaining a popular seat since new music creation skills have found a space in modern technology. It seems there are many waiting to get their hands on it.

Because these types of apps are fun and educational to boot, players tend to stick with them longer just so they can get to the next level. Achievement of "Level 15" in one of these games may, in reality, define near perfect interval knowledge among other instrument-playing skills.

How exciting is a practice session that includes dancing cookies? Very, if you ask me.

Even wee-little ones have been catching the vision that there is something more to just listening to music. Folk songs are now even more engaging when users can tap along, change the order of the instruments, dance along, or even change the melody themselves.

Using an app on an iDevice has its own appeal, and only makes the interactive experience so much more educational.

If you haven't had the experience of using an interactive music education tool (app) on your iPhone/iPod or iPad, you just may have not lived yet. There are millions of musicians in our world who have had their glorious moment in music. And some of them are diving in to share their knowledge with creative tech-teams which are capturing human attention around the globe.

The history of music is presented in new lights along with touch-screen technology. Not only can you listen to Ludwig van Beethoven, but you can find him and his music right alongside many other great composers in a memory matching game that will take only minutes to master.

A sense of satisfaction comes to those who can say they have 20,000 points on a game that requires right and left brain thinking and complex rhythm recognition. Even better than just virtual points, it's a new way to enhance quick thinking and intelligence that is transferrable to all walks of life. And, because there are many more points to win, players will be back and they'll be bringing their friends.


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