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September 27, 2020
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How to Maximise your Guitar's Performance

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Guitar is a kind musical instrument that needs care like a child. The performance and the longevity of a guitar depend on its maintenance. Specially, in case of the older ones, the care has to be more. It all starts from cleaning and tuning the guitar regularly. If you are really a good guitarist, you should have every bit of knowledge about the little details of your guitar. And you should know the perfect answer to the question, how to maximise your guitar's performance? And just like a good guitarist the beginners should also get well acquainted with the maintenance of their guitar in order to maximise the durability as well as playability.

When we talk about how to maximise your guitar's performance, there are few methods that should be followed. As already mentioned earlier a guitar's performance depends on its maintenance that basically includes cleaning and polishing of guitar regularly. Apart from this storing the guitar in a proper place, changing the strings regularly and the most important, tuning your guitar on time are all necessary for getting the best performing guitar. However, the steps are methodically discussed here for you.

Step I to maximise your guitar's performance
Cleaning and polishing:
The first step towards maximising the performance of your guitar is to keep it clean, that should be done everyday and after every use. A regular wipe with a soft cotton cloth can be preferred. In case of stains, fingerprints or other kind of dirt a good cleaning is must by wiping the surface after moistening it with your breath (huffing).

But in case of scratches, polishing can be done. Lots of polishes and cleaners are available in the market that can be used. Even various solvents are there like mineral spirit and naphtha that are basically used to polish the old guitars.

Step II to maximise your guitar's performance
Next comes the point about storing your instrument. The proper storage is necessary in order to protect the guitar from any physical damage. Especially if you have to go out with your guitar, it is necessary to keep it in a guitar case and then carry. This will basically, protect the instrument from direct sunlight that tends to make the wood dry, cracked and even brittle.

Other than this, when you are not traveling, try to keep your guitar in room temperature. This will mainly save your guitar from the effects of climate change.

Step III to maximise your guitar's performance
Changing the strings of guitar:
A guitar is all about strings. So it is very important to take care of the strings properly that will not only give good sound but will also increase the longevity of the guitar. Therefore your guitar strings need changing as soon as it starts sounding dull. You should change the strings of your guitar once in atleast 3 months depending upon your usage.

Step IV to maximise your guitar's performance
Tuning the guitar:
Generally a standard guitar has six strings, which should be tuned regularly to keep the sound in-tune. Tuning is necessary especially after every change of the strings. Keeping the strings tuned means shortening and lengthening the height of the strings to adjust the pitch. A perfect tuning is that where the 1st and the 6th strings open produce the same note, definitely at different pitches.


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