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June 24, 2020
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Are Your Ready To Enjoy Radio Again At Home?

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When satellite radio first came out, a lot of people tried it out in their vehicles. If you drive a lot, satellite radio can be great. Instead of having to rely on standard FM or AM only, you can tune in, listen to whatever type of music you love, hear talk shows, catch up with news, and even listen to sports.

Maybe you eventually stopped driving so much for work, started carpooling, or for whatever reason, ended up letting your satellite subscription slide. You probably miss satellite radio when you do drive, but don't think much about it otherwise.

Satellite radio is wonderful and very suitable for travel, but today it's also the ideal choice for radio lovers' homes. Are you one of the millions of people who used to love radio, but now find it so repetitive and choked with commercials, you can barely stand to listen?

Even if you manage to find one FM station that plays music you like, the commercials can drive you to tune out. In many parts of the country, there simply aren't a lot of options when it comes to the type of radio you'll here on FM and AM.

Unlike FM and AM that rely on broadcast signals, satellite radio stations are directly streamed from a satellite transmitter orbiting in space. You need a receiver that is connected to speakers or your home stereo system, plus an antenna. There are also boombox type satellite radios you can use in your home. Some home satellite radios today also feature iPod docking and iTunes tagging for the convenience of music collectors.

Depending on the subscription package you choose, you can listen to dozens or even more than 120 radio stations, so satellite radio gives you the power of choice.

You'll receive a guide listing all of your stations when you subscribe. Stations are organized and listed by genre, and you can read a brief description of each station in your guide. Your home radio will include a remote control that allows you to scroll through stations, or punch in a station number by keypad.

If you have children at home, one thing to consider is that satellite stations are not FCC regulated. This means you need to pay attention to what your kids might hear on certain stations. Stations that may have content inappropriate for children are clearly labeled as such in your guide, and you may be able to block these stations with a password. There are plenty of family-friendly satellite stations your entire family can enjoy.

Home satellite radio is a great solution for those who want to enjoy listening to radio at home again, but really can't stand commercials. There are no commercial breaks on satellite stations, so nothing interrupts your favorite radio shows, sports broadcasts, or music. Subscription fees for satellite radio are very reasonable. Depending on what type of package and you opt for, you could pay from less than $10 to around $20 a month for service.

Anyone who loves listening to radio at home will enjoy satellite radio, as there is simply no better choice when it comes to variety. Like subscription packages, satellite radio equipment is now very affordable, too. Consider adding commercial-free satellite radio to your home this year for a great new source of entertainment.


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