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September 1, 2020
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Beginners Guide To Your DJ Mixer

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Learning how to use a DJ mixer can be just as difficult as learning a musical instrument, on the other hand however it can be as fun. Once you understand all of the knobs and switches on this piece of machinery then you will able to beat-mix and blend pretty quickly. This article looks at some standards tips and hints to help you get to grips with your DJ equipment.

Use the DJ mixer's cross fader to go back and forth between tracks that you are currently playing. To do this, simply move the slider to the left to play the track on the left turntable or to the right to the right turntable. Slide it into the middle to play both the tracks on your turntables together at once.

Use the fader curve (this is usually located underneath or beside the cross fader) to adjust how your cross fader will go between tracks. Figure out what type of mix you are going to be doing and then turn the knob accordingly. The closer that the knob is to the minimum setting then the smoother the transition will be. Nightclub DJ's tend to prefer this setting because one track seems to fade into the other, creating a danceable mix.

The equalizer of your DJ mixer or the EQ can be used to control the different sounds in your tracks; there are three different levels for this. Hi is used for handclaps and snares, lo for the bass and mid for vocals and melodies. Pushing these up and down will increase or decrease their corresponding sound level.

The gain knobs on your mixer (which are located on the very top) keep the inputs coming into your mixer at a constant level. The tracks that you will be mixing will have different frequencies and you need this gain option to keep both of them stabilised. You should have an LED screen on your screen that will show you the sound signals coming from each of your tracks. Practice makes perfect with these gain knobs and once you get the hang of them you never need to worry about your mixing track coming in too loud or too quiet.

Use your vertical volume sliders that are also known as 'channel faders' or 'level control' to determine the volume of the music that you are playing, if you are using the function of the gain knobs on your DJ mixer correctly then the volume sliders will stay parallel.


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