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16 Jul 20
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Are Beginners Dance Classes Really Suitable For Beginners?
A beginner's dance class can have a funny feel to it. There are the dancers who've been there for months and seem like pros. And then there are always the first-timers and you can feel their nervousness in the air.When walking into a beginners dance class for the first time it can take the warm-up to really settle and start to feel more comfortable inside the class.
04 Sep 20
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How To Get Noticed As An Amateur Singer
You know you have talent. You are constantly asked to sing at friends' weddings, in church, and even at local clubs. This attention lets you know that you are not just fooling yourself: you've really got the pipes.
27 Sep 20
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How to Maximise your Guitar's Performance
Guitar is a kind musical instrument that needs care like a child. The performance and the longevity of a guitar depend on its maintenance. Specially, in case of the older ones, the care has to be more. It all starts from cleaning and tuning the guitar regularly. If you are really a good guitarist, you should have every bit of knowledge about the little details of your guitar.
04 Oct 20
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How To Play Piano By Ear
Learning how to play a piano by ear is not something that can be done by everyone. However, it is a skill that can be learned and taught through practice and perseverance. If you know how to play a piano by ear, it means that you can figure out any tune on the instrument without the use of sheet music.
16 Oct 20
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How To Save Music Programs In Public Schools
Elective programs like art, music, and physical education made all the difference for me and my friends when I was growing up. The music department sponsored an event called the Hoedown when I was in elementary school, and it always turned out to be a great fundraising opportunity for the entire school.
31 Oct 20
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Points To Consider While Choosing Music Gear
Music is the part and parcel of our life. It makes our life rhythmic and melodious and at the same time it entertains us a lot. There are wide varieties of music gear found that vary according to several factors like culture, geographical location, life style etc. These factors also determine the genre or the trends of music.
15 Nov 20
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Restaurants With Dinner Entertainment
With the growth and expansion of restaurants across the country, there has been a trend of restaurants coming up with innovative ways to attract customers. This has lead many restaurants to add more features than just serving great meals. One method of attracting customers is to offer entertainment along with the dining experience.
18 Nov 20
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Review: Kindle Fire
Although the original Kindle Fire is still under a year old, the new Kindle Fire has already arrived. Amazon have tried to improve on the original in all the obvious ways, and are making this new version of the Kindle Fire the bottom end of their new Kindle Fire product range (at a very affordable price).
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